Application Notes

Delay cables as shipped

  Receiving Antenna Comparison Chart

  Al- Series aluminum element insulator upgrade (Gain Enhancement!)

  F connector tightening procedure

  A word or two about signal to noise ratio

  Frequently asked Questions

  A quick TDR setup with a TEK 465 or 475 Scope

  Tripod Mounting Arrangement

  Control cable wire gauge chart - how to size the control wire gauge size for your installation

  Hi-Z 4 - how to troubleshoot by K7TJR

   Hi-Z Shack Switch Truth Tables - troubleshooting resource to verify connections from the shack to the phase controller

   8 Element Vertical Layout Diagram with dimensions to accurately place / locate your verticals

 Shorted RG-6 at connector DANGER Tech Note

Installing RG-6 connectors at Hi-Z headquarters


Customer Install Pictures

  Element Construction