Hi-Z Array Steering Controller (ASC)





     The ASC sub-system was designed to take full advantage of an existing 4 or 8 element system installation. The Hi-Z design is scalable. With the addition of the ASC4 (4 element) or the ASC8 (8 element) system and an additional phase controller and shack switch (Hi-Z-4-LV2-XX, Hi-Z 4-8-LV2-XX, Hi-Z-8A-LV2-XX-X) your station can feed a second receiver concurrently with full independent direction control (Hi-Z- 8A-LV2-XX-X) and with our multi-band systems achieve full and independent direction and band control (Hi-Z-4-LV2-XX, Hi-Z-4-8-LV2-XX).


         Feed two of the same type controllers (4 or 8 elements)

         Signal attenuation post ASC4 or ASC8 is 3db

         Requires second control cable and RG-6 feed coax to second RX


         Use the existing installed verticals

         Feed a second Receiver implementing independent  RX and direction control

         Contesting, DXing

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Hi-Z Controller

Hi-Z Shack Switch


ASC4 (4 elements)

Second Hi-Z 4 phase controller

Second 4 direction shack switch

160, 80, 40

ASC8 (8 elements)*

Second Hi-Z 8A phase controller

Second 8 direction shack switch

160 or 80

ASC8 (8 elements)*

Second Hi-Z 4-8PRO phase controller

Second 8 direction shack switch - PRO

160, 80, 40

*= 2 ASC4 controllers

  Download the Array Steering Controller Product Sheet Here

The Hi-Z 4, Hi-Z 8N, and the Hi-Z 8W products are being sold as permitted under the terms of a

certain License Agreement among PDS Electronics, Inc. dba DX Engineering, as the Licensor,

and Hi-Z Antennas and Lee Strahan, as the Licensees.


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