Hi-Z Verticals

    AL-18    AL-24

    Pictured to the left are the Hi-Z Antennas tm  telescoping vertical antennas for our Hi-Z receiving arrays. There are four models available with different physical characteristics. There is a lighter duty Fiberglas and a heavy duty Fiberglas pictured on the left. There is also a short and longer versions of Aluminum antennas pictured on the right.

    These antennas include an Aluminum angle mounting post that is normally buried in the ground. It serves the dual purpose of ground rod and mounting post.

     These antennas also include a weather resistant cover for the Hi-Z amplifier as well as the amp connecting wires.


  • The Perfect Addition to your Hi-Z 2, 3, 4, 8A, 4-8PRO Systems

  • Rugged lightweight designs that will provide many years of dependable service.

  • AL series are all aluminum telescopic construction.

  • Easy and very simple to construct and mount.

  • Weatherproof Enclosure for The Hi-Z Amp is Included.

  • Earth Mount is included & Also Serves as the Ground Post.

  • Includes Jumper Wires to Connect Hi-Z Amp.

  • Takes ONLY MINUTES to assemble per vertical with the simplest of hand tools.

Download pdf of Vertical Antennas




Materials / Element












Hi-Z AL-18

17.5 feet





Telescopic, 6063-T832 .058 Aluminum tubes

Collapses to 6 Length

Hi-Z AL-24

23.25 feet




Premiere, Best

Telescopic, 6063-T832 .058 Aluminum tubes

Collapses to 6 Length


                      AL-24 with Hi-Z amp cover                                                                  Looking UP at the 2 models

      Download AL-18, AL-24 Manual

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