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 There are Several New Products available:

First, there are 2 New Versions of High Impedance Amplifiers


HIZ-AMP-PLUS                         HIZ-AMP-V2

All New Construction and Performance

Ultra Stable Amplitude and Phase Shift Accuracy and Lower Cost!!!

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 Next there is the ALL NEW 3 Element Receiving ARRAY



All New Three Element Array Construction and Performance

Available as Component Kits or Individual Assemblies

Much greater Combining accuracy for Increased Performance

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And Now There Is the HIZ-PC-4A and the HIZ-PC-8PRO

Complete redesigns for greater accuracy and Performance

Available as Component Kits or Individual Assemblies

PC-4A       PC-8PRO


 And there is the ALL NEW 75 Ohm Preamplifier


All New Construction and Performance

This Preamplifier has 17 dB gain and much lower noise the old Preamp.

The Amp is housed in a metal enclosure and will bypass itself when power is removed

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 And there is the New Selectable 3 Element Array

Delay Line.


Click the above image to go to the New Three Element Manual for Line Use


 There are 2 Digital Shack Switches

The Hi-Z SS2 Manual and the SS2-Plus with USB control


  New Hi-Z  SHACK SWITCH 2  and Hi-Z Shack Switch 2 Plus

This Shack Switch Replacement Can Be Used With Any of the Hi-Z Receiving Arrays

This product has MANY features. Among them are Omni directional rotary encoder, Crystal clear OLED display,

In Depth Programmability, Optical Isolation, Small size, and many many more.

Click the Picture Above for the New HIZ-SS2 Product Introduction Document

Click Support Above for the HIZ-SS2 Manual

Click the SS2 Icon for the HIZ-SS2 Page


The best of two worlds come together. DX Engineering conceived innovative phasing methods and systems for HF directive receive arrays.  Building on these design breakthroughs, Hi-Z Antennas has been producing excellent receiving systems for over five years. Hi-Zís president, Lee Strahan K7TJR, has been focused on performance improvements to these designs with one goal in mind - to provide superior high performance receiving products for amateur radio enthusiasts.  Hi-Z is always pushing the boundaries to deliver higher performance for HF receiving systems - so they remain second to none.  HI-Z is recognized worldwide for their commitment to amateur radio.

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     Hi-Z was coined to be synonymous with high impedance. Z is the accepted engineering term for impedance. The specialty at Hi-Z Antennas is signal processing from shortened vertical antennas which reflect very high impedances at low frequencies.

    Mission Statement:     After decades of research and extensive engineering, Hi-Z was created from my passion in this field. Therefore my passion and experience is embodied in every product I design.   Lee  K7TJR


Hi-Z Antennas

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